Are you getting the most out of your introverted leaders?

Did you know that most companies are missing out on the potential of almost 50% of their talent?

Did you also know that most people consider themselves introverted in certain situations?

Successful leaders don’t need to change who they are – they simply need to add tools and techniques to help them thrive!

TILBookCover105x164“Finally, a book that recognizes the immense value that introverts bring to the workplace. You will learn to lead with quiet confidence through powerful personal examples and tools.”Daniel Pink, Author of A Whole New Mind


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Jennifer B. Kahnweiler’s AboutYOU, Inc. builds strong leaders through highly engaging speaking and coaching programs. We specialize in helping organizations to

get the most out of the introverted “gems” in their midst.

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Find out if you or someone you work with is an introvert


“Jennifer wowed the group. She has the rare combination of delivering “news you can use” mixed with humor and authenticity….both introverts and extroverts alike, were buzzing about their insights and next steps long after the meeting ended.”

Heather Rocker, Executive Director, Women in Technology


“I received numerous compliments from the attendees, including our Director, on your presentation and message. We were very glad you could fit us into your schedule.”

Sheryl Bruff, Branch Chief, Space Telescope Science Institute, NASA

“Jennifer is thoughtful and entertaining and easy to work with. She customized the talk so it was relevant to her audience. I am looking forward to doing more work with Jennifer….

Ann Marie Francoline-Sidman, Vice President, Learning and Development at Gen Re-Berkshire Hathaway

“I finished reading your book last week and I believe it was just a great way to end 2011. I am an introverted person and this book is something I desperately needed. It is step by step guide to become more successful in your career and life. Congratulations on doing such a great work. This is a life changing book for introverts.”

Saqib Cheema, Principal, S.C. Management Consulting

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